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AA Thought for the Day:

As we look back on all those troubles we used to have when we were drinking—the hospitals, the jails—we wonder how we could have wanted that kind of a life. As we look back on it now, we see our drinking life as it really was and we’re glad we’re out of it. So after a few months in AA, we find that we can honestly say that we want something else more than drinking. We’ve learned by experience that a sober life is really enjoyable and we wouldn’t go back to the old drunken way of living for anything in the world. Do I want to keep sober a lot more than I want to get drunk?

Meditation for the Day:

My spiritual life depends on an inner consciousness of God. I must be led in all things by my consciousness of God, and I must trust Him in all things. My consciousness of God will always bring peace to me. I will have no fear, because a good future lies before me as long as I keep my consciousness of God. If in every single happening, event, and plan I am conscious of God, then no matter what happens, I will be safe in God’s hands.

Prayer for the Day:

I pray that I may always have this consciousness of God. I pray for a new and better life through this God consciousness.

From “The Little Black Book – Twenty-Four Hours a Day”. Copyright 1975 by Hazelden Foundation.