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Courage to Change:

As a newcomer to Al-Anon, I heard that the principles of the program could lead to serenity. I’d have preferred to hear that the program would cure the alcoholic, undo the damage of the past, or at least pay the gas bill. My idea of serenity was sitting on a mountaintop with a silly grin on my face, not caring very much about anything. I was more interested in passion!

Eventually I realized that serenity didn’t have to strip me of my passion. Instead, it offered me a sense of inner security that freed me to live my life as fully and passionately as I pleased, because it tapped into an unlimited source of energy and wisdom: a Higher Power. I could make strong choices and take risks because, with this help, I was better able to deal with anything that happened.

Nothing can compare to the drama of exploring my full potential as a human being. Once I had a taste of the rich life that could be mine with the help of Al-Anon and my Higher Power, I discovered that serenity was a great treasure.

Today’s Reminder:

Today I seek serenity, knowing that when I am serene, I am capable of becoming more fully, and more passionately, myself.

“Without this program I could not have appreciated how truly wonderful my life can be in spite of difficult situations.”
– In All Our Affairs

From the book “Courage to Change”. Copyright Al-Anon Family Group Headquarters, Inc. 1992