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AA Thought for the Day:

A nightclub crowded with men and women all dressed up in evening clothes looks like a very festive place. But you should see the restrooms of that nightclub the next morning. What a mess! People have been sick all over the place, and does it smell! The glamour of the night before is all gone, and only the stink of the morning after is left. In AA we learn to take a long view of drinking instead of a short view. We learn to think less about the pleasure of the moment and more about the consequences. Has the night before become less important to me and the morning after more important?

Meditation for the Day:

Only a few more steps and then God’s power shall be seen and known in my life. I am now walking in darkness, surrounded by the limitations of space and time. But even in this darkness, I can have faith and can be a light to guide feet that are afraid. I believe that God’s power will break through the darkness and my prayers will pierce even to the ears of God Himself. But only a cry from the heart, a trusting cry, ever pierces that darkness and reaches to the divine ear of God.

Prayer for the Day:

I pray that the divine power of God will help my human weakness. I pray that my prayer may reach through the darkness to the ear of God.

From “The Little Black Book – Twenty-Four Hours a Day”. Copyright 1975 by Hazelden Foundation.