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AA Thought for the Day:

As we became alcoholics, the bad effects of drinking came more and more to outweigh the good effects. But the strange part of it is that, no matter what drinking did to us — loss of our health, our jobs, our money, and our homes — we still stuck to it and depended on it. Our dependence on drinking became an obsession. In AA, we find a new outlook on life. We learn how to change from alcoholic thinking to sober thinking. And we find out that we can no longer depend on drinking for anything. We depend on a Higher Power instead. Have I entirely given up dependence on drinking?

Meditation for the Day:

I will try to keep my life calm and unruffled. This is my great task, to find peace and acquire serenity. I must not harbor disturbing thoughts. No matter what fears, worries, and resentments I may have, I must try to think of constructive things until calmness comes. Only when I am calm can I act as a channel for God’s spirit.

Prayer for the Day:

I pray that I may build up instead of tear down. I pray that I may be constructive and not destructive.

From “The Little Black Book – Twenty-Four Hours a Day”. Copyright 1975 by Hazelden Foundation.