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“How does it work?”

“l used to think that l had all the answers, but today l am glad that l don’t.”

What are the two favorite words of most addicts? “l know!” Unfortunately, many of us arrive in NA thinking we have all the answers. We have a lot of knowledge about what’s wrong with us. But in and of itself, knowledge never helped us stay clean for any length of time.

Members who have achieved long-term recovery will be the first to admit that the longer they are here, the more they have to learn. But they do know one thing: By following this simple Twelve-Step program, they have been able to stay clean. They no longer ask “why”; they ask “how.” The value of endless speculation pales in comparison to the experience of addicts who’ve found a way to stay clean and live clean.

This doesn’t mean we don’t ask “why” when it’s appropriate. We don’t come to NA and stop thinking! But in the beginning, it’s often a very good idea to reword our questions. Instead of asking “why,” we ask “how.” How do I work this step? How often should I attend meetings? How do I stay clean?

Just for Today:

I don’t have all the answers, but I know where to find the ones that matter. Today, I will ask another addict, “How does it work?”

From the book “NA Just for Today”. © 1991 Narcotics Anonymous World Services, Inc.