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Courage to Change:

I used to think that if I ever looked carefully at myself, my secret fears would be confirmed: I’d see that I am hopelessly flawed and unworthy. Al-Anon has shown me that if I face the effects of alcoholism by working the Steps, this belief will fade away. I’lI see that the truth I’ve avoided is my own inner beauty.

I am powerless to change the fact that alcoholism has affected my life. Only a Power greater than myself can overcome the effects of this disease. I call upon that Power for help with the Second and Third Steps. These Steps help me to trust that, although the ground on which I stand may quiver, I will not fall, for I am held firmly by One whose will is not so easily overturned. Regardless of how shaky I may feel, I am safe.

Such a spiritual foundation makes a truly searching and fearless moral inventory possible. Only when I risk taking a close look at myself can my fears give way to the truth: As a child of God, I am all I need to be loving, lovable, and splendid.

Today’s Reminder:

Today I will take some time to strengthen my relationship with my Higher Power. This will bring me closer to seeing the truth as my ally and recognizing my own inner loveliness.

“I now choose to rise above my personality problems to recognize the magnificence of my being. I am totally willing to learn to love myself.” – Louise L. Hay

From the book “Courage to Change”. Copyright Al-Anon Family Group Headquarters, Inc. 1992