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Courage to Change:

Sometimes the healthiest thing I can do for myself is to admit that I’m not perfect. I am human. I make mistakes.

But it isn’t always easy to admit this to someone else, especially when my mistake affects them. Pretending that something never happened, or that it doesn’t matter, or justifying the action seems so much more inviting to me. But there is a price to pay if I refuse to own up when I’ve been wrong—guilt.

For years I dragged guilt behind me like a heavy duffel bag. Al- Anon offers me an alternative—the Tenth Step. I continue taking personal inventory and when I am wrong, I promptly admit it. When I admit the error, I take responsibility for my actions. I free myself from the burden of an embarrassing secret, and I move closer to accepting my imperfection. It becomes much easier to love myself if I accept myself as I truly am, mistakes and all.

Today’s Reminder:

Today I will have the courage to look the truth in the face, admit my errors and my achievements, appreciate my growth, and make amends where I have done harm.

“I care about truth not for truth’s sake but for my own.” – Samuel Butler

From the book “Courage to Change”. Copyright Al-Anon Family Group Headquarters, Inc. 1992