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One Day at a Time in Al-Anon:

When the alcoholic has been blessed with the gift of sobriety, I can be grateful for the many good consequences of the change: being able to depend on his coming home on time so the family can be together at the dinner table; being able to invite friends in without fear of embarrassment; having our bills paid so we can hold our heads up.

If I am ever tempted to have misgivings about this new-found sobriety, I will strive for confidence; my trust will help him maintain sobriety and keep me serene.

Today’s Reminder:

Even if there are many problems still to be solved, I will make the most of the benefits that sobriety brings. I will live the Al-Anon program and depend on it to help me solve whatever problems are still to come.

“I pray to learn to enjoy the good that each day brings and not to be apprehensive about the future, which is in God’s hands.”

From the book “One Day at a Time in Al-Anon”. © Al-Anon Family Group Headquarters, Inc. 1973