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One Day at a Time in Al-Anon:

When we first come into Al-Anon, we are astonished at the number of cheerful, smiling people we see in the group. We think it isn’t possible that they’re having such problems as ours — only to discover that many of them are much worse off than we are.

After a time, after a succession of meetings, we begin to discover what has given them such an optimistic outlook, for we begin to share in the secret — and use it in our own daily lives.

Today’s Reminder:

What the Al-Anon program has done for others, it can do for me — if I listen and absorb what I hear and use it every day. I do not go merely for the relief of airing my own problems, but to learn from others how to deal with them.

“I pray to be led into a new way of thinking about the difficulties I have to face. A new point of view will put them into perspective and reduce them to manageable size. I pray especially to resist exaggerating my troubles until they overwhelm me.”

From the book “One Day at a Time in Al-Anon”. © Al-Anon Family Group Headquarters, Inc. 1973