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One Day at a Time in Al-Anon:

Did I realize, when I came into Al-Anon, that alcoholism was not something the drinker could control by sheer will-power alone? Of course I didn’t! But when I have heard, over and over again, that the alcoholic suffers from a disease, why do I still speak and act toward him as though he were willfully bad? I know, when I reflect on it, that the alcoholic is basically a good and sensitive human being, but until this thought is firmly implanted in my mind, I will be unable to reflect it in my actions.

Today’s Reminder:

Arguments are useless against a sickness. Compassion and understanding on my part can have the power to heal because they will teach me not to punish. Even if the serenity I acquire in Al-Anon brings no change in the alcoholic, it will at least have strengthened me to face my problems more reasonably.

“I pray to remember, every day, every hour, and especially in times of crisis, that hostile behavior on my part will only add fuel to a fire that could destroy us both.”

From the book “One Day at a Time in Al-Anon”. © Al-Anon Family Group Headquarters, Inc. 1973